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Kolibri plans to be come a lighthouse project proofing that sustainable aviation is not just possible, but profitable, a real impact investment*. And not just CO2-neutral, but KOLIBRI.AERO has been developed with clear focus, commitment and quantifiable targets on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. All of them.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

* Impact Investing ain't Philanthropy: Making Money while Doing Good! Such as saving two gigatons of CO2 within 10 years - annually. And more.

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If you want to make profit in aviation you got to change the game!

(Impact) Investors please let us talk:

KOLIBRI.AERO • c/o Jürgen Barthel • Ahrplatz 6 • 38120 Braunschweig • Germany
Tel. +49 (172) 90 11 999 • Signal • WhatsApp, investor at kolibri dot aero

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